TIME SENSITIVE: Are you interested in joining a dialogue/workshop series focused on the new edition of Witnessing Whiteness? Sign up via the links below.

Christine Saxman and I will each make ourselves available for a series. We will run different versions, each will have a dialogue and facilitation component. Due to our scheduling and professional needs, we can each offer one series and we each will need at least 10 registered participants to make it work. The cost is $150 for the dialogue series or $300 for the dialogue series + facilitation training/support. (We offer a sliding scale and zero-cost option for those who cannot otherwise participate.)

Shelly will run either a Monday or Thursday series, whichever has the most registered participants by October 7th 2022.

  • Shelly’s series will involve 2-hour dialogue sessions based on the new 3rd edition workshop curriculum.
  • You may register for both options if either works for you, as only one will run.

Christine will run a Tuesday series.
• Christine’s series will involve 1-hour dialogue sessions. Christine will guide the dialogues depending upon in-the-moment decisions. Hers will be a great session for people who want to experience expert facilitation skills.
• Register for Christine’s series only if you can commit to joining it.

Please use the links below to sign up for the option that will best meet your needs. (We are sorry if none work for you. If you can attend at least two-thirds of the sessions, you will likely find it valuable and it will not negatively impact the group.)

Mondays with Shelly Tochluk
Mondays from October 17th through December 19th
10 consecutive weeks
Discussion/Workshop: 10-Noon Pacific/12-2PM Central/1-3PM Eastern
If desired, you may also add:
Facilitation Discussion: Noon-1PM Pacific/2-3PM Central/3-4PM Eastern

Tuesdays with Christine Saxman
Tuesdays - exact dates TBD
10 weeks
Discussion/Workshop: 9-10AM Pacific/11-NoonPM Central/Noon-1PM Eastern
If desired, you may also add:
Facilitation Discussion: 10-11AM Pacific/Noon-1PM Central/1-2PM Eastern

Thursdays with Shelly Tochluk
Select Thursdays from October 13th through January 12th
10 non-consecutive weeks
Discussion/Workshop: 4-6PM Pacific/6-8PM Central/7-9PM Eastern
If desired, you may also add:
Facilitation Discussion: 6-7PM Pacific/8-9PM Central/9-10PM Eastern