Witnessing Whiteness has been a foundational text for many since 2007. Now in its third edition, the book offers a timely analysis of what we face today, offering a comprehensive, nuanced, step-by-step path toward deeper understanding of race and antiracist action.

Witnessing Whiteness: The Journey into Racial Awareness and Antiracist Action, Third Edition

Look for the 3rd Edition that includes the subtitle. “The Journey into Racial Awareness and Antiracist Action”

Did you know Amazon allows hate groups and bigots to sell their products? Please consider contacting your local bookseller or library and asking them to carry the book.

“The first time I read Witnessing Whiteness, it was a revelation. Now, in its third edition, Shelly Tochluk continues to deepen my racial consciousness of how whiteness informs my perspective and understanding. If you have ever wondered why race matters as a white person, read this book. If you feel you understand it all, read this book. No matter how many times you read it, there is always more to learn within these pages. This book has been the foundation of my work towards antiracism.“ - Jenna Chandler-Ward, Co-founder of Teaching While White

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“During this moment of “racial reckoning,” the persistent question my white colleagues ask is: "What can I do?” I tell them: “Read Witnessing Whiteness.” With authentic and vulnerable storytelling, Shelly Tochluk helps readers harness the courage to witness how whiteness shapes their lives and their relationships with People of Color. Importantly, this is not offered as an individual effort, but work to be done within the white community. With this foundation, my white colleagues and friends are better prepared to join me as partners in transforming our institutions and systems.” - Vincent C. Flewellen, AVP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri

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