Teaching While White

Inoculating Our Students Against White Nationalism

Read how the Far Right use online platforms to manipulate and recruit young white people. Using internet platform algorithms, white nationalists expose young internet viewers to their ideology and lure them further into their networks to further a white nationalist agenda. Read about the indoctrination process the far right employs and the five stages of radicalization. Learn why adolescents, particularly boys, are susceptible. Most importantly, gain understanding as to what you can do to disrupt the radicalization and indoctrination of young people into the far right.

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Episode 12: Hate Groups Recruiting White Students

Listen in to Shelly Tochluk and Cristine Saxman talk about White Nationalists and their recruitment tactics online to lure young white people into their movements to further a far right agenda. Tochluk and Saxman discuss the importance of having explicit conversations about race. Learn what teachers and parents can do to support White students.

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