This presentation, hosted by NYC SURJ, offers a summary of Helms' White Racial Identity Development model, updated to include a new "messy roundabout model" as well as specific examples of how far-right and antiracist messaging land for people in those positions, and how we might respond.

  • How do we call people in?
  • When we do call people in, how can we be more effective in our messaging in terms of the different stages of the white racial identity development?
  • Development of a positive white identity that can be used to motivate people to join anti-racist thought and activity.

The presentation + Q&A is 2 hours and 45 minutes long. Please note the section breaks below for your convenience:

  • 0:00 - SURJ-NYC introduction and house keeping
  • 15:11 - Shelly's first slide, summary of Helms' model, "messy roundabout model", Contact
  • 28:17 - Disintegration
  • 43:50 - Reintegration
  • 1:07:12 - Pseudo-Independence
  • 1:17:35 - Immersion/Emersion
  • 1:26:38 - Aware-LA Theory of Personal Transformation
  • 1:29:08 - Aware-LA White Supremacy System Model
  • 1:31:56 - Immersion/Emersion Reflection
  • 1:35:47 - Autonomy
  • 1:42:24 - Closing including notes on her next book, coming Spring 23
  • 1:51:00 - Q & A
This presentation draws on material from, Being White Today: A Roadmap for a Positive Antiracist Identity, released June 2023. Click here to learn more about that book.