Schools have been ground zero in the fight for racial justice for decades. The anti-critical race theory movement is part of a backlash against the successes of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice programming and a reaction to the demands of Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements. Regardless of how one’s school is positioned in relation to these vying forces, there are likely white folks who resist change and those who press for it. Both groups present different challenges. The tools offered here address both concerns.

Professional Development Scene Studies for School Communities

This set of dialogue tools supports discussion among administrators, faculty, and staff about how internalized superiority and unresolved emotions negatively impact interactions and decision-making on a school campus.

Revealing White Privilege Introduction and Scene Descriptions

This overview offers a list of the issues treated in the scenarios and a sample format for group discussion.

Dialogue Scenes

Scene #1 – S.1 Inclusive Classrooms

Scene #2 – S.2 Committee Meeting on Inclusivity

Scene #3 – S.3 Multicultural Curriculum

Scene #4 – S.4 Faculty Meeting for Parent Engagement

Scene #5 – S.5 Ethnic Representations in Schools

Scene #6 – S.6 Student Evaluation

Scene #7 – S.7 Structure and Discipline

Facilitator’s Notes

Scene #1 – Inclusive Classrooms NOTES

Scene #2 – Committee Meeting on Inclusivity NOTES

Scene #3 – Multicultural Curriculum NOTES

Scene #4 – Faculty Meeting for Parent Engagement NOTES

Scene #5 – Ethnic Representations in Schools NOTES

Scene #6 – Student Evaluation NOTES

Scene #7 – Structure and Discipline NOTES