My AWARE-LA community has taught me that the best way to develop leadership is to work collectively to support each person’s growth – on the ground, within the community. For that reason, I do not subscribe to the model of the “expert” who drops in to “fix” a situation. And I definitely do not believe that one event (or even a series) can solve an institution’s problems with racism. These events can be a start, but they need to be offered within a context of a larger plan. In these moments, it is sometimes important to have an outside voice arrive to either support a community in understanding the value of what the “home team” is planning or to support a group in kicking off a next stage of work. In these instances, when invited, I try to show up if I’m the right person for the task.

Here are a few featured events:

Creating Focused Antiracist Conversations: Calling In and Building White Allies, Workshop (video)
Confronting Conspiracy Theories and Organized Bigotry at Home and in our Communities - Committee for Racial Justice (Video)
Santa Monica, CA
Protecting Youth from Recruitment into Online Hate - Chalice Community Forum (Video)
Conejo Valley, CA
Allyship in a Time of Polarization - Webster University (Video)
St. Louis, MO
TEDx San Juan Island - Let’s Talk About Race
San Juan Island, WA